Clutch and brake control from passenger side for use in emergencies to keep us safe.

Keep cool in summer, warm in winter with Dual Zone Climate control.

An assistance system to help make the steering wheel lighter/ easier to use.

Assistance system to help reduce the risk of the wheels locking and the car skidding. Legally required on vehicles built since the 1990’s.

4 way adjustable drivers seat, including height and backrest. In addition the Steering wheel can be adjusted for height and reach, making for a massive range of adjustment to suit almost anyone.

The Audi A3 scored the highest level of safety certification achievable in Euro NCAP. Link to complete test results : www.euroncap.com/en/results/audi/a3/10912

Interior and exterior LED lights for natural bright and direct light. Making even the darkest night almost as clear as day.

Once set the window wipers will wipe only as much as required, automatically changing speed to adjust to weather conditions so you can keep your mind on the road.

Once set this will change between Dipped and Main beam depending on the conditions.

The rear view mirror will dim when needed: this avoids any following traffic’s headlights from dazzling you.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System- A system that monitors tyre pressure and will warn of changes in pressure such as punctures.

Traction Control- A system that can cut power to the driven wheels should you lose grip.

Stability Control- A system designed to keep the car in a straight line following evasive action.

Hill Hold Assist- This will hold the brake for 2 seconds allowing you to find the bite point and set the gas to help move off uphill

Auto Brake Hold- Optional system that’ll hold the brake applied while stationary until the bite point is found, preventing roll back.

A handbrake operated via a button in the centre console.

A digital screen to display numerous functions mainly manual speedometer, digital speed, rev counter, current gear and eco gear shift function. It can also display Sat Nav instructions, economy figures, media and warnings. (Kept as speed and revs in lessons)

This system once active will scan for a space, once found the car will automatically steer into the available space while you control speed and survey your surroundings. (DEMONSTRATION purposes only! Cannot be used on test.)

Sensors will scan the front, sides and rear areas of the car at low speed and produce an audible beep to warn of objects within 1 meter.

Once reverse is selected the pop up media screen will display a rear view camera to help guide the car into the space you’re aiming for. The camera displays projection lines to show distance, and where you can expect the car to end up with the amount of steering applied. (You will be taught to park primarily without this system, and also how to safely use it.)

Once set the car will maintain the set speed or distance from the vehicle in front adjusting as needed between speeds of 20-70mph.

Stay clear of distractions! This car has a dedicated phone box that can charge your phone during lesson while also keeping it out of sight and out of mind. (Wireless or USB charging)

How better to enjoy the sun in summer than with a full width panoramic sunroof that can open to allow beautiful fresh air throughout the cabin. (With wind block to keep your hair looking great.)

Mirrors help collect massive amounts of information while driving, keep them clear in cold/wet weather with heated glass.

As a last resort the car can activate the brakes automatically should an emergency occur to help avoid or minimise damage to the car and occupants.

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