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A Brief Overview of Me

Hello I’m Marcus Gainey, A Driving Instructor from Basingstoke. I decided to become a driving instructor when I started to notice a drop in the lack of understanding and road knowledge displayed on our roads. I believe in teaching to a far higher level and looking beyond the test itself, this allows me to teach people to a level that surpasses test level, meaning a lot of my students leave at the level of an experienced driver able to make decisions based on transfer of learning and previous experience, something that may get missed during the normal course of driving lessons. I also bring in basic Advanced driving techniques to help bring the level above the 80% of other road users*. I pride myself on teaching people to not only drive safer and more progressive than other drivers by teaching perceptive driving techniques. I’ve worked hard over the years to improve my own skills by learning different classes of vehicles, taking part in rallies, track days, joining groups and trying out the latest vehicle technology. I continue my Professional Development with regular events and plan to expand my skills further.

The History

I’ve lived in Basingstoke my entire life and know the area very well. I’ve been driving since 2010 where I started my own learner lessons, and went on to pass my driving test, on my 2nd attempt,  in March 2011 after just over 20 hours of lessons. After a year of being on the roads I started to realise I wasn’t as good a driver as I had thought so sought advanced lessons; this lead to my decision to become a Driving Instructor. At 21, I joined the most progressive driving school in the UK Learner Driving Centres. I enjoyed the forward thinking style of this brilliant company but started to doubt the overall business plan, realising that the industry as a whole needed higher standards and better monitoring. This is where I started to develop the plan for my mission statement.

I found a particular interest in cars from an early age, playing with my dads old die-cast models, parking his car on the drive, and building knowledge of how the car worked. After passing my test I went on to buy my first car a 2005 Toyota Yaris affectionately named Gertrude, she served me well for the time I had her, before I sold her onto another new driver.

I became obsessed with cars and engineering. I started to disassemble and rebuild things to gain better understanding of how they worked, building particular interest in electric motors and drive-trains. I fell in love with Tesla and the idea Elon Musk stood for and started to follow the news surrounding this start up.  In 2014 I got the opportunity to try out one of the first Nissan Leaf’s in the UK, which sparked my interest in electric vehicles and sustainable futures. I took it home, named her Pride and sold my Gertrude a few months later.

In 2014 as I started my training to become a Driving Instructor I took the opportunity to do my first Compulsory Basic Training, and learn how bikers think on the road. I hated it, I wasn’t a natural to a motorbike as I had been to cycling, and it scared me to think about taking it up properly. A few weeks after completing me CBT I’d been offered a deal on a 2013 Honda CBF125; after seeing it I couldn’t say no! I used the money from selling Gertrude to buy it. Meet Joy, I took a liking to this bike and realised with some practise I became rather good.

Nearing the end of my training I started to look to the future and knew I wanted to teach manual cars. The problem was I didn’t own one, I had been using my mum’s car to practise and take to tests. Since Pride was an Automatic I needed a new car. After a lot of research I decided against the classic Corsa or Fiesta and got a new 2015 Audi A1, this was my hope for a new career so there was only one name, Hope was born and had started to pave the way. This formed the trinity for me, I had Pride, Joy and Hope.

Not long after qualifying as a full driving instructor, it became time to sell Joy. I took the opportunity to do my direct access on the motorbike. After passing both tests I went looking for a new bike to fill the void left by Joy, after looking at the lower capacity bikes I just couldn’t find one to fit, I expanded my search upwards and found this amazing 900cc monster, what makes it great? Only one driving aid ABS. I started to hone my skills again as i had with Joy, until I was presented with the chance to join an advanced riding group TVAM. I joined and within a year I passed my advanced test. What the future holds, time will only tell.

In the first couple of years I was focusing on reinvestment into the business going from a pen and paper folder based system, to a new digital format with new tools such as camera technology with instant playback and Telematic reports to help show where improvements could be made. But the lease on Hope was coming to an end and I needed to work out where to go from here, I chose to stay with Audi and upgrade to the New A3 that had just been released with brand new Technology and safety kit. This is Hope 2.0.

And now in 2020 after years of hard work I’ve finally managed to get back into the electric market with a 2019 Renault Zoe R110. This decision has meant I’m now able to offer automatic lessons, ahead of the upcoming trend in the motor industry. It’s an exciting time as the world changes around us and it’s important for us to embrace the coming changes.

My Mission Statement

The Reason

I became a driving instructor to improve the safety of our roads, since then I’ve added to this by saying I hope to improve the industry as a whole. I do this by teaching to the highest possible standard bringing in high levels of Knowledge, Advanced driving and Defensive driving technique. The whole driving instruction industry has changed over recent years to push for a more natural learning experience, this is done by bringing in coaching techniques. A lot of instructors have struggled with the change whereas I’ve tried to take this even further by bringing the latest technology in to lessons. My car is equipped with camera technology allowing me to show you exactly what has happened and how we can improve in real time. I keep accurate records of each lesson to keep track of the learning process and I pride myself on creating some of the safest most progressive drivers.

The overall goal of this plan is to standardise Driving tuition meaning that everyone using the roads would have the same level of knowledge and skill; hopefully leading to a better standard of driving, and better levels of understanding. This, in turn, could lead to far simpler road systems.